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A Pediatrician Explains How to Protect Your Child from Environmental Hazards

You teach your child to look both ways before crossing the street. You use baby gates and keep medication, scissors and hot beverages up high, out of reach.

What about environmental hazards?

“Environment” means both indoors and outdoors. “Hazards” are substances in the air, in water or in everyday household items that can harm your child’s health.

Watch as North Texas Pediatrician Dr. Mary Strength explains different types of environmental hazards and how children can be at higher risk from them.

One common—and serious—environmental hazard is lead.

Many years ago, lead was used in household paint. Some older houses and buildings have lead paint on the walls.

Lead is also found in batteries, pipes, pottery and some types of makeup.

Lead poisoning can cause behavior and learning problems and many other medical problems in children.

Dr. Strength explains what symptoms to look for and how to protect your child.

Every baby, toddler, child and teen needs clean air to grow up strong and healthy.

You probably know that cigarette smoke in the home can harm growing lungs.

There are many other types of air pollution.

Listen as Dr. Strength discusses how to help children breathe more easily.

A type of dangerous air pollution that you cannot smell is called carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a gas. When you or your children have carbon monoxide poisoning, you need emergency treatment right away.

Carbon monoxide can come from:

  • An appliance powered by oil, wood, gas, or coal
  • A space heater
  • A faulty fireplace and chimney
  • A car or lawnmower running in the garage

You can buy a carbon monoxide detector at most stores.

In this final video, Dr. Strength explains common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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