Interoperability and Patient Access

How can you manage access to your health data?

As your health plan, we know how busy life can be. As a valued member, you can now view and share your health information quickly and all-in-one place. View your information on your cell phone or computer – anytime and anywhere!

You can use MyPCHP portal or use a third-party app like OneRecord to manage this new service, you are one step closer to viewing things like:

  • Claims & office visit results
  • Prescription history
  • And much MORE!!

All you need to do is:

  1. Download your favorite health smartphone app
  2. Sign up on the app for data sharing and choose your health plan
  3. Start getting the most from your membership!

All of your health information is available for your viewing on the app, in your hands, and available for sharing with anyone including your doctor, hospital or other healthcare providers.

Third-Party Developers

To offer Interoperability services to health plan members, register here.

Frequently Asked Questions

An easy, secure way to exchange, access and integrate health information across systems. Access may be within any health system. App accesses the insurer’s system to get health information.

Interoperability ensures that your health care insurer is compliant with federal government guidelines. Members get easy, secure access to health information.

Follow the steps below to access your health information.

Already connected to PCHP:

  • Choose your preferred application(s) like OneRecord
  • Log in to this approved application. Provide consent to access your health information.
  • As per CMS guidelines, the consent provided in your preferred applications(s) will be valid only for 90 days and you have to provide/renew consent for every 90 days.

Have not yet connected PCHP:

  • Choose your preferred application(s) from the list of approved applications and download from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Log in to the approved application. Provide consent to access your health information.
  • If the application you select is not already connected to PCHP there is a process whereby the application goes through approval and registration with PCHP. Once that process has completed, you will be notified to log in to the approved application and provide consent to access your health information.
  • As per CMS guidelines, the consent provided in your preferred applications(s) will be valid only for 90 days and you have to provide/renew consent for every 90 days.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours to see your health information after you’ve registered and opted in to third-party applications.

Members have access to:

  1. Claims submitted by your provider
  2. Lab and diagnostic reports
  3. Medication data

Per the CMS guidelines, members can access the latest health data 24 hours a day.

Per CMS guidelines, members can access data from five years back.

Log in app and revoke consent. Once consent is revoked, health information is no longer accessible on the app.

Yes. Parent(s) or caregivers can access children’s health information if they are listed as a legal Authorized Representative.

You must provide Power of Attorney (POA) to your Personal Representative (PR) by calling Member Services at

Using a Third-Party Application

If you want to use a third-party application (3rd Party App) that connects to Parkland Community Health Plan to access your protected health information (“PHI”), please read this important information.

Parkland Community Health Plan requires 3rd Party Apps to provide us written confirmation that they meet certain requirements when accessing Parkland Community Health Plan member PHI. This is called an attestation. It also gives us confirmation that the 3rd Party App provider agrees to specific requirements to keep PHI confidential and secure.

If the 3rd Party App you want to use does not agree to our attestation or does not respond, we will notify you. You can change your mind about using the 3rd Party App to get your PHI from us. If you do not respond timely, letting us know if you’ve changed your mind, then we will share your PHI with the 3rd Party App, in accordance with applicable law. If the 3rd Party App is a risk to the security of Parkland Community Health Plan’s information systems, we will not allow the 3rd Party App to connect to our systems and your PHI will not be shared with the rd Party App. In order to protect your PHI, we recommend only using a 3rd Party App that has agreed to Parkland Community Health Plan’s attestation.

It is important that you understand how a Third-Party App uses and discloses your personal information, which may include PHI and other health information. It is also important that the 3rdParty App you choose keeps your personal information private and secure. Below are some tips on information to look for and ask when choosing a Third-Party App.

  • Do you understand how to use the Third-Party App to access your personal information?
  • Does the Third-Party App require the use of passwords for you to access your personal information?
  • Does the Third-Party App have an easy-to-read Privacy Policy that clearly explains how the Third-Party App will use and disclose your personal information? The Privacy Policy should explain how you will be informed of any changes to the policy. If the Third-Party App does not have a Privacy Policy, we recommend that you choose a different Third-Party App.
  • What PHI and other personal information will the Third-Party App collect? Will the Third-Party App collect non-health information? Will the Third-Party App collect other information from your mobile device, such as your location or information about your family and/or friends?
  • How does the Third-Party App store and use your personal information? Where does the Third-Party App store your personal information? For example, will your personal information be stored in the United States or will it be transferred or accessed outside the United States?
  • Does the Third-Party App sell or share your personal information with third parties? If it does, the Third-Party App’s Privacy Policy should explain why and to whom.
  • Can you limit how the Third-Party App uses and discloses your personal information?
  • Does the Third-Party App have reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect your personal information?
  • Does the Third-Party App have a clear and easy-to-understand process to handle user complaints?

Your health information is very sensitive information, and you should understand how Third-Party Apps protect the privacy and security of your health information. We recommend that Parkland Community Health Plan members only use Third-Party Apps with strong privacy and security standards to protect individuals’ health information.

As a healthcare consumer, you have privacy rights that are protected under law. The federal law that gives you these protections is called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces HIPAA. HIPAA generally applies to covered entities that include health plans and health care providers, and “business associates” that provide service to those plans and providers. You can find more information about HIPAA at:

To learn more about filing a complaint with OCR under HIPAA, please visit HHS Complaints.

It is important to understand that many Third-Party Apps are not covered by HIPAA, particularly those that are offered directly to you as an individual, rather than through a health plan or provider. This means your health information will not be subject to the same privacy and security protections that health plans and providers must adhere to. Third-Party Apps are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the protections provided by the FTC Act; however, if the Third-Party App is located outside the United States, the FTC may not able to fully protect your information. You can find more information from the FTC about mobile Third-Party App privacy and security at FTC Mobile Apps. If you think a Third-Party App has misused or violated your privacy, you can file a complaint with the FTC using the FTC complaint assistance at FTC Complaint Assistance.

Interoperability is an easy way to access and share your Health Information safely and securely.

Interoperability means data sharing between the health care member/patient, the health insurance company (insurer) and software applications on smart phones or computers. Beginning July 1, 2021, health care insurers must provide members with easy, standard and secured access to their health information from third-party apps.

Health care insurance providers store member information on computers. Health information must be easily accessible as patients move around from one health care provider to another.

Significance of Interoperability:

  • Adheres to Center of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Mandate
  • Insured member has easy access to their health information while ensuring security standards
  • Caregiver can access patient information; parents can access dependent health information