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Developing Pregnancy & Parenting Skills with Lisa Summers & Nolana Johnson

For first-time mothers, there are lots of questions about pregnancy and birth.

Lisa Summers and Nolana Johnson, registered nurses at Parkland Health and Hospital System understand this and offer in-home visits to first-time mothers to help them prepare for labor, delivery, and life after the baby is born.

During the pregnancy, they teach breathing and calming techniques, stretches, and ways of knowing they’re in labor as well as what to expect.

Once the baby is born, they cover the ins and outs of breastfeeding and bottle feeding and answer any questions the mothers might have.

In short, they act as personal nurses not just for the mother but for the family as well and become a trusted resource to lean on.

Watch as Lisa and Nolana explain in detail the services and support they offer to first-time mothers and their families:

For more information about the services Lisa and Nolana provide, contact:

8435 N. Stemmons, Suite 470, Dallas, TX 75247

Phone: 214-266-1140

Fax: 214-266-1131

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