Texas Medicaid and CHIP Renewal

If you are a Texas Medicaid member, your benefits will be expiring soon. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a lapse in coverage: 

All Medicaid Members Must Renew Their Coverage

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government declared a public health emergency (PHE) in early 2020. This included automatic renewal of benefits for Medicaid members.

The PHE is ended in May 2023 – which means that automatic renewal has also ended. All Medicaid members must submit a renewal application to continue receiving benefits.

Do you have CHIP coverage? Automatic renewal of CHIP benefits has already ended. CHIP members are now required to renew their coverage every 12 months.


hand holding member id cardCheck Your ID Card

When you became a member, PCHP sent you a Member Identification (ID)
Card in the mail. Your membership date is listed on the card.

Documents Needed

certificate of birth


Proof of your age (birth certificate or driver’s license) and citizenship. Resident card (I-551), arrival/departure form (I-94), or papers from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

tax return form


Proof of all sources of income from the last 60 days (pay stubs or tax return, Social Security, and any other income).

utility bill example


Proof of you live in Texas (rent receipts or landlord statements, a copy of your mortgage, or utility bill)

You must provide all the information requested in the application. If you don’t, your coverage may be denied. Be sure to have these items ready when completing your application.

Do you need help renewing your Medicaid or CHIP benefits?

Click here to request an appointment with a PCHP team member. They can help answer your questions about applying and qualifying for coverage.

How Do I Renew My Benefits?

Submit your renewal form online.

Renew Online

Send renewal packet by Mail.

Form Help

Still have questions?

Call 2-1-1

The Texas HHSC will send a packet to you. This packet will include how to renew, when the packet is due and the renewal form.
If you have any questions, call 2-1-1.

Still Have Questions?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Medicaid renewal, timeframes, and more.