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Provider Network News – CoCM Benefit: Provider Attestation Form Effective 1/1/2023

Provider Network News - Health Advisory: Influenza Activity in Dallas County 11/28/2022

Provider Network News: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Procedure Code 0044A benefit *new 10/19/2022*

Provider Network News - EVV Cures Act Home Health Care Services Implementation Confirmed for Jan. 1, 2024 

Provider Network News - Grant PCHP Access to Your EHR/EMR for Medical Record Review, HEDIS, and ECDS Purposes

Provider Network News - Case Management for Children & Pregnant Women (CPW) effective September 1, 2022

Provider Network News – Updates to Age Restriction for Procedure Code 90619

Provider Network News - COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Procedure Codes

Provider Network News - Federal Entitlement to ECI

Provider Network News - Dental Therapy Under General Anesthesia

Provider Network News - Prior Authorizations Reprocessing

Provider Network News - Removal of Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Provider Network News – ABA Medicaid Benefit effective February 2022

Provider Network News - ECI And CCP Requirements

Provider Network News - CHIP Renewal

Guidance on Asthma Education Coverage in Medicaid and CHIP

New Payment Methods Starting April 2021

PCHP Covid-19 CHIP Provider Co-pay Attestation Form 093020

90 Extension of Prior Authorizations - 07312020

PCHP Telemedicine and Telehealth_revised 07012020

813_PCHPTaxonomy_Provider 05-13-2019

ImmTrac2 - Immunization Registry - 4-15-20 mnd v2

SLP Provider Notification March 2020

PCHP Neonatal LOC Validation on Facility Claims Notice_TX 02-16-2020

Notice to Physicians and Providers Parkland 01-27-2020

Inform Providers 2012 American Dental Association Claim Form can not to be used after 12-31-2019

Lab Web Portal is Not Available by Nov 10-2019

PCHP _ Influenza Vaccine September 2019

Updated Version of the American Dental Association Claim Form Now Available 08-30-2019

F00090_Sterilization_Consent_Form April 2019 English

F00090_Sterilization_Consent_Form April 2019 Spanish

F00090_Sterilization_Consent_Form_Instructions April 2019

Reminder Changes to Sterilization Consent Form Instruc-Denial Letter Eff 04-26-2019

Inform Providers About the Time Limit for Use of the 2012 American Dental Association Claim Form 2019

Providers Required to Use 2018 and 2019 American Dental Association Claim Forms by Jan 2019

Synagis Network 2018-2019

PCHP Acceptable and Non Acceptable November 2018

PCHP Therapy Wait List 11-05-2018

082818-Updated Provider Information Change Form Now Available 08-28-2018

Wound Care Equipment and Supply Benefits Change 07-01-2018

HEIDIS Results CHIP 2017 released 06-27-2018

HEIDIS Results STAR 2017 released 06-27-2018

Clarification for Providers Regarding MCO Therapy Guidance 06-22-2018

PCHP Delivery Claim Billing effective Feb 1 2018 _ Update 5-17-2018

CHIP Member Eligibility Now Available via EDI HIPAA X12 270 and 271 Transaction 04-09-2018

LARC Notice 01-08-2018

Access to Care Guidelines